The design for Larchfield Tanzania’s Children’s Home at Mkuranga is being undertaken, under a corporate-social responsibility programme, by Core Coordination Team, a group of architecture students, academics and professionals. Their objective is to create an award winning design which incorporates Best Practice and the available materials, climatic conditions, and other physical realities of the location.

Conceptual and Schematic design is complete and Larchfield Tanzania’s application has been filed with the appropriate government departments in Tanzania, for the building permit to enable construction to proceed. As soon as approval is obtained, Larchfield will issue invitations to tender, using a “Design & Build” contract model. Bids will be received and evaluated, the construction contract awarded and construction will begin, supervised by architectural and engineering professionals onsite. Between September and December 2015, Larchfield will invite donors, strategic partners, sponsors and individuals to provide the funds necessary to enable Larchfield to award the construction contract and to honour its obligations to the main contractor.

Each phase of the construction programme will be carefully monitored by the architects. Expenditure of funds will be carefully managed and controlled by PricewaterhouseCoopers and regular fortnightly expenditure updates will be posted on this website to enable all donors to track the progress of the project to completion, ensuring transparency at each level.