The construction of Phase 1 has been further divided into three parts – Phase 1(a), Phase 1(b) and Phase 1(c). Currently, we are raising funds for construction of Phase 1(a) which will house 60 kids.

We should anticipate approximately 25 to 30 weeks to complete Phase 1(a). Phase 1(a) consists of 4 large units (accommodation) + 4 small units (mama’s) + 1 Toilet block – as per the construction plan, this should be completed by end of November.  Super structure (roofing and walling) is proposed to be ready by July end.

Each phase has currently have the following structure designations:

  • Toilet Block
  • School Unit
  • Children’s Unit
  • Administrative Unit
  • Mama’s Unit
  • Kitchen Unit

 The toilet block is self-explanatory.  The 4 large units (accommodation units) are identical in dimensions and specifications. This means that the Children’s Unit is identical as the School Unit (the school unit is meant to be a classroom), while the Children’s unit is a dormitory. The Administrative, Mama’s and Kitchen Units are all the same size but serve functions in accordance with their titles.

Operationally, there is an interdependence built in to this set up. This is done to provide future flexibility in the use of these units. The  4 small units (mama’s) are identical in dimensions and specifications. This means that the Administrative Unit,  the Mama’s Unit and the Kitchen Unit are identical, with the only exception that the kitchen will have two sinks and a fixed counter and an additional drainage system with a septic tank which means the kitchen unit will cost slightly more.