Larchfield’s establishment and administration is based on principles of good governance. Established on 5th April 2012 as a legally incorporated Non-Governmental Organisation under the Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organisations Act 2002, Larchfield Charity Organisation’s executive consists of a Board of Trustees, which meets on a bi-monthly basis. All members of the Board give their time and professional skills freely and for no remuneration. Systems and reporting mechanisms are in place to ensure execution of the policies adopted by the Board and to foster answerability through the chain of command to produce transparency in the administration and the education functions of the Home.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Dar-es-Salaam, have offered to carry out all fund management services, to ensure that donations are properly applied and disbursed from start to finish. In addition, Larchfield’s accounts will be audited on an annual basis by a leading firm of licensed auditors in Dar-es-Salaam and its bank account is maintained with Commercial Bank of Africa, Nyerere Road Branch, Dar-es-Salaam, Africa.

Larchfield Tanzania Homes is a registered British charity as well, banking with HSBC in London, and its express purpose is to support the orphanage at Mkuranga, enabling international charitable donations to be channeledvia JustGiving, with the benefit of UK Government HMRC Gift Aid.

Larchfield Children’s Home Foundation Inc. is a registered Public Charity in USA with a tax exempt status under US IRC Section 501 (c)(3) with the purpose of driving donations towards the project via Paypal, giving US citizens the benefit of tax deductible donations.

The Board

Larchfield Tanzania’s founding Board of Trustees are:

Larchfield UK’s founding Board of Trustees are: